Learn more about The Polytechnic School at Arizona State University

The Polytechnic School located on ASU’s Polytechnic campus focuses on project-based and hands-on curriculum to solve real-world challenges through student, faculty and industry collaborations. We believe how you learn and teach is as important as what you learn and teach.

Located on 600 acres in Mesa, Arizona, the state’s third-largest city and part of the Greater Phoenix area, ASU’s Polytechnic campus is home to a beautiful desert arboretum and more than 6,800 undergraduate and graduate students.

Our programs thrive under the guidance of more than 75 faculty members with comprehensive expertise in many of the most important technological challenges that society faces. Many bring considerable industrial experience to enhance their teaching and research.

The academic facilities are among the best that ASU has to offer and were designed specifically to support a learning and discovery environment. The Polytechnic School boasts some of the most innovative engineering programs and advanced learning laboratories in the country.

The Polytechnic School, one of the eight Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, is organized into various academic programs:


The Aviation Programs offer degrees that combine academic studies with professional flight and aviation training.

Degree options: BS in air transportation managementBS in air traffic managementBS in professional flightBS in unmanned aerial systemsBAS in aviation, MS Tech in aviation management and human factors


​Engineering students work in interdisciplinary teams to solve real-world challenges in dedicated creative spaces that foster innovation.

Degree options: BSE and MS in engineering and a PhD in engineering education systems and design.

Engineering Education Systems and Design

The Engineering Education Systems and Design program aims to increase the understanding and design of engineering education ecosystems.

Degree options: PhD in Engineering Education Systems and Design

Environmental and Resource Management

This program is for students seeking to understand the scientific and technological aspects of byproducts, environmental health, sustainability and natural resource conservation.

Degree options: BS and MS in environmental and resource management

Graphic Information Technology

This program lives at the intersections of creativity, visual design and technology, preparing students to create visual content for multi-channel distribution in print, web, photo, video and animation.

Degree options: BS, BAS and MS in graphic information technology, BAS in internet and web development, BS and MS in user experience

Human Systems Engineering

Human Systems Engineering combines engineering and psychology to design systems consistent with human capabilities and limitations.

Degree options: BS, MS and PhD in human systems engineering and the Data Science, Analytics and Engineering (Human Centered Applications) MS.

Information Technology

​Students acquire skills in data acquisition and retrieval, managing networks and adapting computer systems and applications.

Degree options: BS and MS in information technology

Technological Entrepreneurship and Management Program

Students learn through hands-on study and experiential learning of entrepreneurship and innovation, combined with strategic management of technology, decision-making, systems modelling and process analysis.

Degree Programs: BS in technological entrepreneurship and management, BAS in operations management, MS Tech in management of technology