Human Systems Engineering Program

Application Deadlines

December 1 Spring semester (January)

March 1 Summer session 1 (June) and Summer session 2 (July)

May 1 Fall semester (August)

These are the priority application deadlines for admission and merit-based scholarship consideration. Late applicants will be considered for university admission and financial aid, but programs with higher admission standards will give priority consideration to applications submitted by these dates. Please view important dates on the academic calendar.

Program Contacts

Graduate Advising:
[email protected]
or 480-727-1874

Graduate Program Chair: Scotty Craig

Human Systems Engineering

Human Systems Engineering combines engineering and psychology to design systems consistent with human capabilities and limitations. In other words, making technology that works for humans.


Students become experts in human interaction with engineered systems by applying the methods of experimental psychology and cognitive science. Broad applications include aviation human factors, consumer psychology, teamwork, health and hospital safety, learning, product usability, social cognition, sports performance, threat detection and user-centered design. Students will be able to customize their educational experience by creating a capstone project that highlights your research interests.

Students work alongside faculty to use eye tracking systems, driving simulators, flight simulators, team decision-making labs and other facilities to better understand people and their behavior.

Career Opportunities

  • User experience specialists
  • User-interface designers
  • Military scientists
  • Human factors engineers
  • Research psychologists
  • Health care ergonomists
  • Sports psychologists
  • Safety consultants
  • Information systems designers

HSE Faculty