B.S. in Technological Entrepreneurship and Management

Application Deadlines

December 1 Spring semester (January)

March 1 Summer session 1 (June) and Summer session 2 (July)

May 1 Fall semester (August)

These are the priority application deadlines for admission and merit-based scholarship consideration. Late applicants will be considered for university admission and financial aid, but programs with higher admission standards will give priority consideration to applications submitted by these dates. Please view important dates on the academic calendar.

WUE-Eligible Program

Undergraduate students from western states who enroll in this program are eligible for a discounted tuition rate. 
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Program contact

Program Chair: Steve Cho

Sutton 240
[email protected]

The B.S. in Technological Entrepreneurship and Management prepares students to launch technology-based ventures and tackle social and corporate issues to impact the world around them.

Why Technological Entrepreneurship and Management?

Our students provide leadership to solve problems and create products & services in industry, startups or nonprofits. The program structure is a collaborative effort, bringing together faculty from diverse disciplines, focused on entrepreneurship and management in existing and emerging technology fields.

Students receive a foundation in technology and business fundamentals, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation in one of many focus areas:

  • Operations management
  • Process innovation and process improvement
  • Product development
  • Social entrepreneurship

Advisors help guide students in their course of study, choose the right courses, and stay on track for an on-time graduation.


Additional Program Fee: No

Career Outlook

Small businesses and startups create the majority of new jobs in the U.S., while larger corporations are looking to hire individuals who can see the big picture and solve complex problems. Students in the TEM program learn the range of skills needed to develop new products, services and business models, as well as whole new industries. TEM prepares students for a wide variety of career possibilities, including technology-based entrepreneurship, product development, consulting, venture capital analysis, business development, market analysis, technology marketing and many more.

Career Opportunities

The flexibility in your course options allows you to gain new capabilities. Our alumni currently work in the following fields:

  • AI Data Analytics
  • Business Analyst
  • Innovation Specialist
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Marketing Associate
  • Management Analyst
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Product Development Coordinator
  • QA
  • Social Entrepreneur
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Start-up Founders
  • Technology Entrepreneur

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Accelerated Master’s Degree option (on-campus only)

Finish two degrees faster by combining advanced undergraduate and graduate coursework during your senior year as part of the accelerated master’s degree program.

This program allows students to obtain both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in as little as five years. It is offered as an accelerated bachelor’s and master’s degree with:

Engineering (Automotive Systems) (BSE)

Engineering (Electrical Systems) (BSE)

Engineering (Mechanical Engineering Systems) (BSE)

Engineering (Robotics) (BSE)

Global Management (BGM)

International Trade (BS)

Technological Entrepreneurship and Management (BS)

TEM Faculty

Jason Bronowitz

Jason Bronowitz

Jason Bronowitz
Associate Teaching Professor and Associate Director for Academic Excellence
Interim Program Chair, MS in Engineering
Technological Entrepreneurship and Management


[email protected]
Polytechnic Campus, SUTON 340N