Local industry partner prepares students for Industry 4.0

Honeywell Aerospace boosts The Polytechnic School’s hybrid curriculum and experiential learning, supporting student success and economic growth.


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Fulton Schools alum launches sustainability nonprofit

BioGals empowers women of color from around the world to engineer dynamic food waste solutions for sustainable development.


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Flight to freedom

Valley aviation community brings Afghan refugees to ASU

In a matter of days, a massive ASU effort involving the local aviation community — including Wheels Up, Honeywell and Delta Air Lines — collaborated to bring 61 Afghan refugees to ASU, where they will restart their education as Sun Devils.


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GCSP grads

ASU grads ready to take on grand challenges

Recognized by the National Academy of Engineering and ASU, the Grand Challenges Scholars Program provides the tools and unrivaled experiences required to become agents of change.


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Latest news

Tho Tran found his future at ASU

Tho Tran found his future at ASU

Tho Tran was born in a refugee camp in Malaysia after his parents got on a boat to leave Vietnam. Now he is embarking on a software development career at General Motors.

Sports — you’re doing it wrong

Sports — you’re doing it wrong

Human systems engineering associate professor Rob Gray, published a new book aiming to correct the way sports are taught and learned.

Evolving engineering for a better world

Evolving engineering for a better world

Investigating how engineers can define a new engineering paradigm that values social and environmental justice is what motivates Darshan Karwat.

Exoskeleton technology featured on local news

Exoskeleton technology featured on local news

ABC15 featured Tom Sugar’s breakthrough exoskeleton technology developed to assist Air Force aerial porters move cargo weighing up to 10,000-pounds and avoid injury.

Our programs


The Aviation Programs offer degrees that combine academic studies with professional flight and aviation training.

Degree options: BS in air transportation management, BS in air traffic management, BS in professional flight, BS in unmanned aerial systems, BAS in aviation, MS Tech in aviation management and human factors


​Engineering students work in interdisciplinary teams to solve real-world challenges in dedicated creative spaces that foster innovation.

Degree options: BSE and MS in engineering, BS and MS in manufacturing engineering, MS in robotics and autonomous systems, PhD in engineering education systems and design, PhD in systems engineering

Engineering Education Systems and Design

The Engineering Education Systems and Design program aims to increase the understanding and design of engineering education ecosystems.

Degree options: PhD in Engineering Education Systems and Design

Environmental and Resource Management

This program is for students seeking to understand the scientific and technological aspects of byproducts, environmental health, sustainability and natural resource conservation.

Degree options: BS and MS in environmental and resource management

Graphic Information Technology

This program lives at the intersections of creativity, visual design and technology, preparing students to create visual content for multi-channel distribution in print, web, photo, video and animation.

Degree options: BS, BAS and MS in graphic information technology, BAS in internet and web development, BS and MS in user experience

Human Systems Engineering

Human Systems Engineering combines engineering and psychology to design systems consistent with human capabilities and limitations.

Degree options: BS, MS and PhD in human systems engineering


Information Technology

​Students acquire skills in data acquisition and retrieval, managing networks and adapting computer systems and applications.

Degree options: BS and MS in information technology

Manufacturing Engineering

This program involves hands-on projects to provide students with a venue to design cost-effective and environmentally-friendly products and processes with required functionality and quality standards.

Degree options: BS and MS in manufacturing

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February 14–17

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Fulton Outstanding Grads Fall 2021

Meet the exceptional graduates of Fall 2021

Each semester the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering recognizes students who have worked diligently to excel academically and contribute to advancing the Fulton Schools mission.

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