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Engineering  |  The Polytechnic School

Innovation Showcase

Join us for a virtual exhibit of student-produced, industry-sponsored projects.

Innovation Showcase

Students in this program engineer creative solutions to meet tangible industry and societal needs.

Innovation Showcase

Innovation Showcase demonstrates how ASU students solve real-world problems using the latest technology.

Innovation Showcase

Students have the opportunity to collaborate with industry partners in both the greater metropolitan area and across the globe.

Innovation Showcase

Innovation Showcase provides an arena in which students can tackle global issues.

The event

The Spring 2020 Innovation Showcase was held on on May 1, 2020. The upcoming Innovation Showcase will take place in December 2020.

Please check back for event details and thank you for supporting our students!

Join The Polytechnic School for its biannual Innovation Showcase offering a glimpse into the transformative engineering taking place within capstone courses.

The event features a large-scale exhibit of student-produced, industry-sponsored projects, demonstrating how ASU students solve real-world problems using skills obtained during their undergraduate experience. Collaborating with industry partners both in the greater metropolitan area and across the globe, students have the opportunity to engineer creative solutions to meet tangible industry and societal needs. With the guidance of industry and faculty mentors, the capstone environment enables a think tank for students to conceptualize, develop, produce and refine new methodologies, inventions and ideas.

Innovation Showcase provides an arena in which students can tackle global issues by collaborating, cultivating imagination and infusing entrepreneurship to push the envelope, experience new possibilities and change perceptions. The program fosters the process of invention, creation and revolution, creating generations of innovators and cutting-edge innovations.

From brand new ventures to existing issues and everything in between, capstones offer solutions at the intersections of collaboration, creativity and enthusiasm.

For event information, contact Max Hadley.

For sponsorship information, contact Tim Beatty.

By the numbers (engr)

2020-2021 Innovation Showcase:

total industry partners resulting in 36 capstone project teams


small business participation




large business participation

Clean energy generation supplier: 5%


Medical equipment/healthcare supplier: 8%


Engineering services and consultant: 2.7%


Law enforcement technologies: 2.7%


Manufacturing and engineering systems: 8%

Engineering capstone course description:

Engineering capstone projects are housed in a two-course sequence, EGR 401 and EGR 402. In this course sequence, students work in teams to address problems supplied by industrial partners. They work closely with their industrial partners to define and understand the problem and develop solutions. Students are expected to apply their knowledge and skills gained in earlier course work as well as learn from their industrial partners. Student teams typically implement a design process that includes identifying customers and developing a deep understanding of the problem that drives the project; generating multiple concepts and selecting one for further work. Throughout the semester students create a detailed design of their selected concept, performing engineering analysis and creating a prototype to test and evaluate.

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