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Industry Advisory Board

What is the IAB?

The Industry Advisory Board (IAB) is an external volunteer consultative group comprised primarily of leaders from the engineering industry who support the engineering program (EGR) at The Polytechnic School at Arizona State University. The board serves a critical role in linking the school’s strategic objectives and activities with the interests of external constituents and industry groups.

IAB is led by a chair and vice-chair who work with the EGR program chair to direct the IAB’s activities. The typical duration of a board member’s participation is two years, at the end of which the member will have the option to continue board membership for another two years and this process will repeat on a reoccurring basis (there is no term limit). The board meets twice per year (fall & spring) at Arizona State University’s Polytechnic Campus. At an operational level, the IAB may be subdivided into smaller sections, each aligned with a concentration area of the EGR program (automotive systems, electrical systems, manufacturing engineering, mechanical systems, and robotics), to enhance the effectiveness of its engagement with the EGR program.

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The IAB’s primary mission is to foster effective cooperative activities between the engineering industry and the EGR program at The Polytechnic School at Arizona State University.

The EGR program is a project-based learning program so input from the IAB in the following key areas is crucial:

  • curriculum assessment (existing and proposed)
  • assessment of the quality of the graduates from the program from the industry readiness perspective
  • insights into the current industry practice, trends, and needs

The overarching goal of the partnership between the EGR program and the IAB is to ensure that the education provided by the program is helping prepare our graduates to be productive and effective in their future engineering careers.

IAB’s diversity and inclusion sub-committee

Vision: ASU Poly’s IAB diversity and inclusion committee’s vision is to work together to begin cultivating more equitable and inclusive environments in engineering education and industry so that in the future engineering students and engineers are representative of our population.

Overall goals:

  • Embed diversity and inclusion into curriculum
  • Connect industry partners with diverse students via mentoring, guest speakers and engagement in course work

2021 goals:

  • Evaluate coursework for existing DNI and see where there are opportunities to enhance and align with the workplace reality
  • Create guidelines of promising practices to support DNI in the classroom
  • Obtain industry perspective on DNI



Diversity and Inclusion Team Leads

Rebecca Stoner

Rebecca Stoner, Team Lead
Collins Aerospace Sr. Director of Engineering

Nadia Kellam

Nadia Kellam, Co-Team Lead
ASU Engineering Associate Professor


John Rajadas

John Rajadas

Engineering Program Chair
(480) 727-1188

Tim Beatty

Tim Beatty

Associate Director

Darryl Morrell

Darryl Morrell

Lead Capstone Course Instructor

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