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Nils Hofmann

Nils Hofmann

Director of Electric Vehicle Innovation DIMAAG-AI

Nils Hofmann’s passion for engineering started in a machine shop in southwestern Germany as a quality inspection assistant and logistics worker.

After completing his civil duty in the service, Hofmann studied mechanical engineering at Ravensberg University of Cooperative Education in Stuttgart, Germany and at the Open University of London. He graduated with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and was offered a position at Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart to implement his thesis into the V6, V8 and the world’s first V6 diesel crankshaft production line.

Wanting to be a part of earlier product development, he evolved to be a development engineer for Mercedes-Benz trucks. There, he and his team were the first to build a full-sized prototype that was designed entirely digitally, as well as other military projects. These successes paved his path to becoming an engineering manager and expert on bolts and connections. Through rigorous testing and case studies in alignment with other departments his focus remained quality assurance and longterm customer satisfaction.

Hofmann’s current role is with DIMAAG-AI as a director of electric vehicle innovation. DIMAAG-AI’s mission is to inspire the adoption of sustainable energy by creating innovative, off-road, heavy-duty, automated, electric vehicles centered around the user experience. There is a tremendous opportunity to foster an environment of innovation and rapid development, impacting the future of the company and creating and implementing a world-class example of sustainable mobility.