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Rebecca Stoner

Rebecca Stoner

Executive director, engineering, Collins Aerospace

Rebecca Stoner is the executive director of product line engineering for engine controls systems and environmental and airframe control systems within the power and controls strategic business unit of Collins Aerospace. She is based in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. 

In this role, Stoner leads a global team of engineers that design digital aircraft controls, heat exchangers, fuel controls, fuel nozzles, mechanical power conversion products and cabin air management systems. 

She joined the company in 1995 and excelled in several engineering and management positions for the interiors business unit prior to joining power and controls. Prior to Collins, Stoner was a mechanical engineer in the automotive industry where she supported seating systems and automated production lines. 

Stoner is the chair of Collins’ Leading Inspired Females in Technology, or LIFT, organization and serves as Collins’ executive sponsor on the Raytheon Technologies Engineering Ambassador Board. Additionally, she is the vice chair of Arizona State University’s Polytechnic Industry Advisory Board.

Rebecca holds a BS degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA from the University of Colorado.      

Connect with Rebecca via LinkedIn, or learn more about her journey into the world of engineering with this Design World profile article.