M.S. in User Experience Plan of Study

User Experience

Application Deadlines

Sept 15 Spring semester (January)

Apr 1 (Polytechnic), Jul 1 (online) Fall semester (August)

Apr 1 (online) Summer semester

These are priority deadlines. Applications received after this date may still be considered.

*The master’s in user experience is offered jointly by the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts.

Plan of Study (iPOS)

The Interactive Plan of Study (iPOS) is a list of coursework selected by the student with direction from the graduate faculty. The iPOS functions as a contract between the student, the academic unit, and the Graduate College. Students must submit their iPOS by the time they have enrolled for 50 percent of the minimum credit hours required for their degree program. The iPOS contains degree requirements such as coursework, committee and a culminating experience which must be included before it can be approved.

Students will need to include the following to meet the 30 credit hour requirement:

Core Classes (15 credits)

GIT 540: Cross-Media Design Solutions

HSE 542: Foundations of Human Systems Engineering

TWC 501: Fundamentals of Technical Communication

Choose two from the following: 

GIT 542: Usability and User Experience

HSE 521: Methods and Tools in Human Systems Engineering

TWC 544: User Experience


Electives (Choose 5 courses – 15 credits) 

Below are examples of possible elective options:

GIT 598: Interaction Design, Planning and Implementation

HSE 423: Human Factors in Transportation

HSE 525: Human Factors in Medical Systems

HSE 529: Product Design and Evaluation

TWC 511: Principles of Visual Communication

TWC 535: Global Issues in Technical Communication

TWC 536 Project Management in Technical Communication

TWC 545: Content Management and Topic-Based Authoring

GIT/HSE 584: Internship 


Portfolio (0 credits)

Please note that “full-time” status requires enrollment in 9 credit hours in a semester.