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Requesting an override

Override requests must go through the school/college offering the course. To request an override to a course offered through Fulton Schools of Engineering, please visit the link below. The Polytechnic School processes overrides for the following prefixes: ALT, AMT, ATC, EGR, ERM, GIT, IFT, OMT, TEM, TMC. Please note that MAT and ENG courses are offered outside our college.

To find out the college offering your course, visit course details within the class search.

Request an Override

Late registration

Students are expected to enroll in courses for the upcoming semester during their respective open enrollment period, which is indicated by date on MyASU. The open enrollment period ends on the drop/add deadline; these dates for each term can be viewed on the academic calendar. A student who misses this deadline must request a late registration through their academic advisor. Requests are reviewed on an individual basis; there is no guarantee that a late registration request will be approved, as you are requesting an exception to university policy.

More info on late registration

Late add requests will be considered with instructor approval ONLY during the following time frames:

  • First week of A and B session courses (end of the 5th business day)
  • Second week of C session courses (end of the 10th business day)

Any late add requests beyond these time frames will not be considered.

Students who wish to request a late registration transaction must follow the instructions listed below.

  1. Complete the enrollment change request form. Include instructor approval documentation discussed in #2 if signatures are not included on the form.
  2. Obtain the instructor’s signature. An email verification of approval from the instructor can be substituted for the instructor signature. Please include the entire email chain for approval purposes.
  3. Students may submit late enrollment change request forms to their academic advisor, or submit all appropriate forms and email approvals to [email protected]. Students should allow at least a 24 hour turn-around for review of the request.

Petition guidelines

An Undergraduate Standards Petition Form is required for various circumstances.

All materials included in the submission must be typed. Submit the complete packet to your advisor in order to discuss the petition and rationale (it is suggested you make an appointment with your advisor to do this).

The complete packet is reviewed by the advisor, program chair, and Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering Dean’s Office.

More information on petition guidelines

Below is only a sampling of common situations in which a petition is needed:

  • Course Overload
    • An overload petition is required if a student is requesting to enroll in more than the maximum allotted. An appointment is required; schedule an appointment with your advisor.
    • Campus students: Students are able to enroll in 19 credit hours.
    • Online students: Students are able to enroll in up to 9 credits per session, no more than 18 credits per semester
  • Enroll in a graduate level course for undergraduate level credit
    • *4+1 students do not need to petition to enroll in approved shared courses
  • Enroll in a course for a third time
  • Pursue a concurrent degree

Petition Guidelines and Undergraduate Petition Form

Change your major

Schedule an appointment with the program advisors for the program into which you are interested in moving.