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Requesting an override

Override requests must go through the school/college offering the course. To request an override to a course offered through Fulton Schools of Engineering, please visit the override request form. The Polytechnic School processes overrides for the following prefixes: ALT, AMT, EGR, ERM, GIT, HSE, IFT, MFG, OMT, TEM, TMC

To find out the college offering your course, visit course details within the class search.

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Individualized Study Form

Students needing an override for 590 Reading and Conference, 592 Research or 593 Applied Project may initiate the request via Adobe Sign. Complete all required fields, including your information, class information, scope of the class, deliverables, and due date. Once electronically signed, it will be routed directly to the faculty for review and signature, and then to TPS Graduate Advising for processing.

Note that it is important you include the correct email addresses to ensure proper routing of the form.

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Medical/compassionate withdrawal

Medical/compassionate withdrawal information

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