M.S. in Graphic Information Technology Accelerated Master’s Degree Program

Graphic Information Technology

Application Deadlines

September 15 Spring semester (January)
March 1 Summer semester (May)
April 1 Fall semester (August)

These are priority deadlines. Applications received after this date may still be considered.

Accelerated Master’s Degree Option

GIT offers an accelerated master’s degree for those students enrolled in the GIT B.S. or B.A.S. degree programs. This accelerated degree allows for twelve (12) credit hours of shared classes, between the undergraduate and graduate program, so students will complete 141 overall credit hours for these accelerated degree programs.

Eligible Undergraduate Degrees

  • B.S. in Graphic Information Technology
  • B.S. in Graphic Information Technology (Gaming)
  • B.A.S. in Applied Science (Graphic Information Technology)
  • B.A.S. in Applied Science (Internet & Web Development)

Additional Requirements

  • Minimum 3.2 cumulative GPA (scale is 4.00=A) at time of application and through completion of undergraduate degree requirements
  • Must have earned 75 credit hours to apply; earned 90 credits hours (and be admitted to the 4+1 program) before taking shared classes
  • Must be able to maintain a 3.0 GPA for all coursework on the graduate plan of study, or iPOS

Steps to Apply

  • Meet with the accelerated master’s degree advisor
  • Complete and sign the Accelerated Master’s Degree Agreement and submit it to the advisor, who will notify student of approval via email
  • After notification of approved Accelerated Master’s Degree Agreement, submit all required admission materials (noted below).
  • Admission is not guaranteed.

Admission Requirements

Shared Classes

Shareable courses are 400-level and 500-level courses that are approved to be shared between undergraduate and graduate programs for students admitted to an accelerated degree. GPA requirements apply.

The following classes may not be shared:

  • GIT413: Professional Portfolio Design and Presentation
  • GIT480: Senior Project
  • GIT590: Reading and Conference