MS in Graphic Information Technology Courses

Application Deadlines

September 15 Spring semester (January)
March 1 Summer semester (May)
April 1 Fall semester (August)

These are priority deadlines. Applications received after this date may still be considered.


The graduate student should consult with his/her faculty advisor before choosing courses for the iPOS. Courses listed as GIT 598 are special-topic courses, which are awaiting permanent course numbers. Students may take as many 598 courses as needed.

Students also may take courses outside of the Graphic Information Technology program; the student should consult with his/her faculty advisor for more information.

Note: The Accelerated Master’s degree program allows students to share four courses (twelve (12) credit hours) between the senior year of the undergraduate degree and the first year of the M.S.Tech degree. Accelerated Master’s degree students who have received credit for a 400-level course cannot also enroll in the corresponding 500-level course.

GIT 500 Research Methods
This course introduces the process of conceiving an idea for research, then preparing for, carrying out, and reporting the research. This course is required for those choosing the applied project option and should be taken in the first semester of the program.

GIT 502 New Media Internet Technologies
This is a project-based exploration of new media Internet technologies, including social media and branding. The course places emphasis on how, why and when new media can be used to enhance a website and the user experience. Cannot be taken for credit if GIT 402 has been taken.

GIT 532 Graphic Industry Business Practices
This course examines business practices related to the graphics industry.

GIT 535 Website and E-Commerce Stategy
This course examines Internet website management, security, marketing, and e-commerce business models.

GIT 537 Current Issues in Cross Media Production
This course is required to be taken in the first semester of the program. In addition to covering current issues in Cross Media Production, this course helps guide students through the process of selecting their courses, chair, and faculty advisor.

GIT 540 Cross-Media Design Solutions
This course discusses universal design theory, creative problem solving, and case study applications for print, Web, and new media products of the graphics industry.

GIT 542 Usability and User Experience
In this course, students learn about design and technology solutions, focusing on how information is organized graphically to communicate effectively and how website usability can improve human interaction with online information. Cannot be taken for credit if GIT 494 Information Design and Usability has been taken.

GIT 550 Digital Workflow
In this course, students perform digital production system analysis for content creation, automation output of graphic information to print and the Web, including networking and job tracking. Cannot be taken for credit if GIT 450 has been taken.

GIT 573 Color Metrology
This course examines the measurement and control of quality color reproduction methods systems and color models used in the graphics industry. Cannot be taken for credit if GIT 437 has been taken.

GIT 584 Internship
An internship is a structured practical experience following a contract or plan, supervised by a GIT professor and supervisors at the internship location. Students can obtain internships through their own connections or through GIT faculty. Internships must be for graduate level work and cannot be taken for credit by Accelerated Master’s degree students.

GIT 590 Reading and Conference
This is an independent study in which a student meets regularly with a faculty member to discuss assignments. Course may include such assignments as intensive reading in a specialized area, writing a literature review of a topic, or working on a special project.

GIT 592 Research
This is an independent research course during which the student performs research while working closely with a GIT professor.

GIT 593 Applied Project
This course is required for those choosing the Applied Project for their culminating experience and should be taken in the last semester of the program.

GIT 595 Continuing Registration
Used in situations where registration is necessary but credit is not needed. Credit is not awarded and no grade is assigned.

GIT 598 Interaction Design, Planning and Implementation
In this course, students create planning documents for interaction design, focusing on wireframing.

GIT 598 Paris: Photo & Architecture in the City of Lights
Offered Summer
Students travel to Paris to study photography and architecture in the City of Light.

GIT 598 Creative Agency
The GIT Creative Agency is an elite team of students, chosen by application, to run a fully operational creative agency. From client brief and scope to design and delivery, these students will produce cross-media design solutions, gaining real-world experience in an academic setting. (Only available for on-campus students)

GIT 599 Thesis
If selecting the Thesis option, students in their last two semesters take this course to work on and complete a thesis.