Meet our Grads

Meet our Grads

Graduates from our Human Systems Engineering Ph.D. program lead varied careers:

Chia-Yuan Chuang

Program dates: 2011-2015
Dissertation titleImproving Proctoring by Using Non-verbal Cues During Remotely Administered Exams

Current Employer: Adora, Inc
Job Title: Chief Technology Officer
Current Employer: Coplex
Job Title: Software Developer

Emily Hildebrand

Program dates: 2011-2014
Dissertation titleThe Relationship between Team Briefings and Non-Routine Events: Developing a Model of Team Briefings in the Operating Room

Current Employer: Exponent
Job Title: Senior Scientist

Qing Liu

Program dates: 2011-2015
Dissertation titleThe Evaluation of Information Visualization Techniques Using Eye Tracking

Current Employer: Symantec Corporation
Job Title: User Experience Researcher

Prashanth Rajivan

Program dates: 2011-2014
Dissertation titleInformation Pooling Bias in Collaborative Cyber Forensics Department of Social and Decision Sciences

Current employer: Carnegie Mellon University
Job Title: Post doctoral Researcher