Unmanned Aerial Systems Mission Statement

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Aviation Program visits are by appointment. Prospective students can schedule an appointment to meet our faculty members, tour the Simulator Building and learn more about degree programs at visit.asu.edu

Who We Are

The Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) concentration within the Aviation Programs at Arizona State University is a new and exciting academic concentration. Faculty members have expertise and experience in various aspects of unmanned flight – including military and civilian-specific flight education and training. This program prepares graduates to fly unmanned aircraft in civilian, government, or military applications.

What We Do

We provide students with the knowledge and skills critical to their success as industry leaders. Based on awareness of the current federal regulatory environment and continuous interaction with industry, faculty deliver content that is not only relevant but also forward-looking allowing students to develop an awareness of future concerns. Instruction is delivered through various mediums, including lectures, simulations and hands-on UAS flight training.

How We Do It

The focus of this program is to prepare students for a career as professional UAS aviators. Students utilize fixed and rotary wing training aircraft to hone basic airmanship skills, as well as sophisticated, high fidelity simulators to gain knowledge of operation and crew coordination skills relevant to complex and high-performance UAS. These educational experiences provide ASU students with intense training needed to give them an advantage in the rapidly growing unmanned flight industry. This training environment not only gives students the knowledge to be professional UAS operators who are familiar with unorthodox flight regimes in which unmanned aircraft can be utilized but to recognize the challenges that lay ahead and how to lead the UAS industry to viable solutions.

From their continuous involvement with the Aviation Industry Advisory Board (AIAB), as well as through participation at national and international conferences, faculty provide students with leading-edge course content and educational experiences. State-of-the-art simulation and other training resources provide students with educational opportunities unique to collegiate UAS academic programs. Upon graduation, students transition seamlessly into the industry becoming leaders in the field.