Frequently Asked Questions

Funds are available to meet with sponsors – Travel of Research Investigators to Potential Sponsors (TRIPS)

Principal investigators who otherwise lack the resources to meet with potential sponsors so they may market their ideas or interests and gain a better understanding of the goals of funding organizations may be able to take advantage of the OKED TRIPS program. Click here for the program application form and additional guidelines.

Residual Funds from Fixed Price Awards

When residual funds from fixed-price awards are transferred off of the sponsored project to a Sponsored Residual account, ASU must first recover its portion of Indirect Costs at ASU’s full federal Facilities & Administrative (F&A) cost rate. This applies even to accounts with a reduced F&A rate. Also, justifications for any residual balances greater or equal to 20% of the total award after all final accounting adjustments, must be reviewed and approved by the Award Management Team (AMT) Assistant Director.

Expenses on residual accounts from industry-sponsored projects will now get charged the industry rate.

Cultural Review Process, Native American Involvement:

Before undertaking any activity or project that has the potential to affect or includes a tribal government, its community, land, or tribal members, a cultural review must be performed to determine whether tribal government input, participation, or approval is required. Read More

Export control regulations.

Export Procedure ManualExport control regulations are federal laws that restrict the export of information, goods, and technology. Export controls may apply when an item, information or software is being sent outside U.S. borders, or when it is being shared with “foreign persons or entities” in the U.S.
Unsure if you need an export license for your research project? The export control wizard will walk you through a series of questions, leading to a determination of whether or not an export control license is applicable to any particular situation. More information