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Frequently Asked Questions for the Aeronautical Management Technology (Professional Flight) Program

Where is flight training conducted?

ASU’s flight provider, AeroGuard, is an Arizona-based company with two locations in the area: Chandler Municipal Airport (about 12 miles from the ASU Polytechnic campus) and Deer Valley Airport (about 53 miles from the ASU Polytechnic campus).

Will there be transportation provided to Chandler Municipal Airport?

Yes, students will be provided with a Lyft account. Lyft will only pick up students at the Polytechnic campus and drop off at Chandler Municipal Airport, then from Chandler Municipal Airport back to the Polytechnic campus. There will be no Lyft rides from the Tempe campus.

Will my flight training time be included in my class schedule with ASU?

No, flight training time and ASU classes are separate. You will have a separate account with ASU’s flight provider for scheduling flight and utility blocks through each semester. Scheduling is dependent on flight provider availability.

Will I receive one bill for ASU and flight training costs?

In this program, you will have two separate accounts: one with ASU and one with our flight provider. All ASU-related costs (tuition, fees, housing, etc.) will be paid to ASU. Flight training costs are separate and are paid directly to our flight provider.

Is there a minimum age requirement to begin flight training in this program?

Yes, the minimum age requirement to begin flight training in this program is 18 years old.

Are there any safety-related limitations for flight training with AeroGuard?

Yes, students must be within the limitations of the plane for the assigned flight. These limitations may vary based on aircraft but require students to be below 250 lbs. for the Cessna 172 and Piper Seminole, and 300 lbs. for the Piper Archer. Students must be able to freely manipulate and operate all controls in the aircraft.

What do I need to purchase prior to beginning flight training with AeroGuard?

  • Uniform: White button-down pilot shirt, black pants, and black shineable shoes.
  • Items: iPad capable of running the most recent iOS and Headset suitable for flight training.

Can I get my Private Pilot License before starting this program at ASU?

Yes, we highly recommend that you obtain your Private Pilot License at the flight school of your choosing before you start this program at ASU. In that instance, you would begin Instrument flight training with our flight provider once you have your Private Pilot License. While there is flexibility on where you can get your Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating and Commercial Single and Multi-Engine Ratings must be completed with our flight provider through this program (CFI is optional). If you do not have your Private Pilot License already, which is common, that can be completed through this program at ASU.

Can I skip AMT 182 (Private Pilot Ground School) at ASU if I already have my Private Pilot License?

ASU can only accept credit for transferable courses completed with a C grade or better through a regionally
accredited institution. You can utilize the ASU Transfer Guide to look up classes you have taken (if applicable) and compare those results to the Aeronautical Management Technology (Professional Flight) major map to get an idea of what you would have credit for. Any classes you do not have transferable college credit for, or Exam (AP, IB, etc.) credit for, on the major map would need to be taken for the degree.

Updated 5/2024