Meet Our Students and Alumni

Meet Our Students and Alumni

Shaneen Beebe | Accelerated 4+1 Program

Shaneen Beebe is helping the environment through business consulting. As an independent contractor for an environmental, health and safety consulting company based in Phoenix, Shaneen writes compliance programs that prevent environmental hazards for businesses in various industries.

Frank Brown | Undergraduate Program

Frank Brown chose to study environmental and resource management (ERM) because of his hometown: Austin, Texas. After moving from Texas to study at Arizona State University, Brown continued to reflect on the “green culture” and sustainable infrastructure that he says characterized his hometown. “I grew up playing in the woods and swimming in the green belt, and as an adult the health of the environment is very important to me.”

Robert Jolley | Graduate Program

After 25 years of private, state and federal work experience—enhanced by his recent completion of the Environmental and Resource Management master’s degree program offered by Arizona State University—Robert Jolley is responsible for managing the Federal Helium Program.