Water Management Certification Program

Price $4800

This unique collaboration between the Agri-Business Council of Arizona, Inc. (a National Water Resources Association) and the Morrison School of Agribusiness and Resource Management at Arizona State University has resulted in the development of a curriculum designed by distinguished practitioners of water resources/power management. Your instructors will have decades of experience and are among the most knowledgeable and recognized leaders in the field. This is not a policy or theory oriented program and the instructors are practitioners who have experienced and solved the problems facing those running a successful district. It is intended to prepare the next generation of leaders who will require knowledge beyond just moving water from point to point. The program is designed for key personnel identifi ed by water agencies (irrigation or electrical districts, water conservation districts, etc.) who have the potential to advance to leadership positions. In addition to learning from the real world experience of this generation’s leaders, participants will be able to network with their peers and observe first hand, through site visits, leading examples of best practices.