Polyjet (Material Jetting)

Material Jetting is a type of 3D printing that uses a photosensitive resin jetted out as a liquid that is quickly cured with a light source. The Poly Jet distinction is because the Objet 350 in the Hub can use multiple types of resin at one time as well as mix different resins to create different material properties. Up to three distinct types of resin as well as an additional support material can be used simultaneously in jobs on this printer. This is useful for creating displays and device prototyping. 

Materials: Among the available resin types there exists cyan, magenta, and yellow colored resins that can be mixed to allow for full color printing of three dimensional objects. In addition to colored prints there are optically clear materials as well as resins that have rubber-like qualities when cured. The Jetting technology also allows for the mixture of different resins in different ratios to result in a spectrum of different material properties.