8-hr New-Hire Environmental Compliance Training


Price $125


Course Dates

T.B.D. 2024 – Online Webinar

This 8-hr seminar is designed for the new environmental compliance professional that is planning to enter or has recently entered the environmental compliance profession. Unlike, other seminars that may focus exclusively on regulations, this seminar is designed to provide an entry level person an insight to the basic skills, knowledge and challenges that exist in meeting applicable environmental laws, regulations and other requirements with an organization, agency, or business.

Some of the topics to be covered include the following:

Overview of the Job of the Environmental Compliance Professional

Overview of the Basic Environmental Laws and Regulations (Water/Waste/Air/EPCRA/TSCA)

Skill Sets That May Help You Succeed in Maintaining Compliance (Forest & Trees, Generalist & Specialists).

Basic Functions – Permitting, Compliance Monitoring, Record Keeping, Inspections, Training

Your Position May Wear Many Hats and Involve Many Groups Within Your Organization

Maintaining Your Professional Development, Your Network and Your Mentors

Basic Skill Sets and Hands-On Activities

Determining Environmental Applicability

Interpreting Lab Analytical Results

Presenting to Leadership

Agency Interactions Environmental Ethics & Culture