Profile photo of Hadi Ali

Hadi Ali
Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


  • Adaptability, risk-taking and value making
  • Design and performance of higher education actors and institutions
  • Work of the future

“I found the Poly campus to be unique from first sight. Dr. McKenna was the director at the time of my first visit. I knew I was going to be back to this campus to pursue my doctoral studies in engineering education systems and design—a program that was still in the making when I first visited. I found a unique niche in this program, being one that is focused on the “systems and design” of the educational enterprise—an area that appeals to me. In my prior graduate studies, I met with Norm Augustine, a well-known figure in aerospace who has shaped the innovation policy of science and technology in the U.S. When I explained my interests and background to him, he immediately encouraged me to study education as a system. There was no other place for me to pursue my ideas other than ASU, and no other Ph.D. advisor who could harness my diverse interests other than Dr. McKenna. I’m thankful for great times with the faculty, friends and colleagues in EESD, The Polytechnic School, the Graduate and Professional Students Association, Changemaker Central, the Decision Theater and the ASU Karate Club.”