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Rod Roscoe

Assistant Professor
Human Systems Engineering

Mail Code: 2080


Dr. Rod Roscoe is an Assistant Professor of Human Systems Engineering in the Polytechnic School of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. He is also an affiliate of the Institute for the Science of Teaching and Learning.

He earned his PhD in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh in 2007. From 2007-2009 he was a Research Associate with the Institute for Software Integrated Systems at Vanderbilt University (Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science). From 2009-2011 he was a Post-Doctoral Fellow with the Institute for Intelligent Systems at the University of Memphis (Dept. of Psychology). From 2011-2013, he held the position of Assistant Research Professor in the Learning Sciences Institute at Arizona State University.

Research Interests

Dr. Rod Roscoe’s research investigates how educational technologies, strategy instruction, and peer support can promote effective cognitive, metacognitive, and motivational learning processes. He has co-developed and studied teachable agent environments that scaffold causal reasoning and self-regulation in STEM domains (e.g., Betty’s Brain) and tutoring systems that support writing instruction and formative feedback (e.g., Writing Pal). Dr. Roscoe has also explored the use of natural language processing tools (e.g., Coh-Metrix) to assess writing and personalize feedback for learners.

Recent studies have investigated the design of multimedia learning materials, user perceptions of automated feedback, patterns of writing and revising, and consumer decision making related to online information search.

Dr. Roscoe welcomes undergraduate and graduate students to contact him regarding research opportunities in the SLATE Lab. SLATE Lab is associated with both the Polytechnic Campus (primary) and Tempe Campus.