Software engineering (SER 402, SER 517)

The software engineering program in the School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence blends engineering, computing, project leadership and software construction. Students learn how to make creative software solutions to solve global issues. Industry partners sponsor many of these projects, bringing unmatched, real-world experiences into the learning environment.

Fall 2022 projects

Software engineering Innovation Showcase projects for sponsor Food Truck Associate of Canada

Students: Aayush Rawal, Saurabh Rane, Dhruv Dilipkumar Patel, Punith Sai Vaddi, Sameet Krishna Kumar
Sponsor: Food Trucks Association of Canada

Food Truck is a web-based application being created for the Food Trucks Association of Canada and their customers. The purpose of the app is to provide a food delivery option to customers as well as develop and improve brand visibility. This application is being created by using a third-party suite called Karenderia Multi Restaurant System (KMRS).


Software engineering FA22 Innovation Showcase project sponsored by Immutable Data

Students: Amulya Bodla, Dennis Polly Pynadath, Niharika Pothana, Piyush Reddy Mudireddy, Venkata Surya Shandilya Kambhampati
Sponsor: Immutable Data

Immutable Data logo

The goal of this project is to work on an existing web application that aims to run SQL queries on multiple types of data files. Challenge include extending new features to the existing application and overhaul the codebase to improve its re-usability, maintainability and extensibility.


Software engineering Innovation Showcase project sponsored by United Networks for Growth

Students: Kamal Penmetcha, Swapnil Gujar, Abhishek Deore, Gursharanjit Singh Ghotra, Indira A Mishra
Sponsor: United Networks for Growth

United Networks for Growth logo

This project entails a new website for United Network of Growth that includes a membership portal which enables members to maintain their business information and access to premium content.


Software engineering Innovation Showcase project sponsored by Valin

Students: Apoorva Giliyal, Lakshmi Tejashree Korivi, Rishav Kumar, Runlin Xiao, Zuha Shireen Ansari
Sponsor: Valin

Valin logo

Valin is a distributor and receives lengthy price lists from their manufacturers. Their customer service representatives refer to these price lists to locate the costs of parts. The aim of eConfigurator web application is primarily to ease the work of customer representatives by automating the price estimation process. The group also streamlined the process of updating new price lists that may be released annually or quarterly based on manufacturers.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Keshav Sethi, Sneha Savani, Srikar Krishna Gadde, Srikar Kalam, Shiva Sai Ram Mummoju, Venkat Gandharv Thanniru
Sponsor: SZC Group – Syzmon Zephan Capital

Saluswell logo

Instead of using paid CRM tools, this group built an in-house cost effective CRM tool equipped with fundamental relationship management functionalities. Featured include email integration, email campaigns, communication and progress tracking, calendar and more. This is an all-in-one platform to help the company grow their business through building stronger customer relationships.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Manan Soni, Sambuddha Nath, Govind Venugopal, Mayank Tewatia, Vishnu Preetham Reddy Dasari, Sudhanva Hanumanth Rao
Sponsor: PICMG

PICMG logo

This group created an open-sourced version of a generic Redfish Server using the OpenAPI code generation and Java.


Software engineering Innovation showcase project sponsored by CommNeeds

Students: Neel Nishant, Darshin Kalpesh Shah, Shubhangi Gupta, Paresh Pandit, Nimil Shah
Sponsor: CommNeeds

CommNeeds logo

CommNeeds is a product that targets the youth of our community, promoting them to play an active role in their local neighborhood through gamification. The platform provides active engagement opportunities for the youth and young families to connect with community individuals in need (quest creators), deliver the required services (complete quests) and earn money (or rewards) on the side while creating long-term relationships that they can leverage in the future.


Software engineering innovation showcase project sponsored by cyglera health

Students: Pranjali Peechu, Yogaleena Mandalapu, Suvain Goyal, Akshay George Koshy, Rupika Peela
Sponsor: Cyglera Health

This group’s challenge was to develop a web application that provides a secure platform that helps patients to interact with dietitians and care providers. Other features include maintaining care provider and patient records and communications and provide meal plans, goal plans and recipe suggestions.


Software engineering innovation showcase project sponsored by Dessert apps

Students: Akhil Baktha, Anuhya Reddy Addula, Pavithra Ravilla, Prachi Gupta, Sparsh Kotriwal
Sponsor: Desserts App

Desserts app logo

The aim of this project was to create a real-time chat functionality which enables users, consisting of customers and bakeries, to have a medium for communication in the application.


Software engineering innovation showcase project sponsored by Haletale

Students: David Bieganski, Gautham Krishna, Abhishek Mohabe, Itiparna Mahala, Jin-Jia Chang
Sponsor: Haletale

Haletale logo

The company that is sponsoring this project provides affordable housing to international students. The challenge the company is facing is providing an effective and convenient way to manage co-living chores among residents. As a result, this group developed a website feature to remedy this request.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Chandra Sekhar Sai Sampath Swaroop Atkuri, Subramanian Arunachalam, Anantha Ramayya Kandrapu, Venkata Vamsikrishna Iytha, Vinesh Reddy Naga, Nikhil Kumar Korrakuti
Sponsor: Technologies AIM Colours

This wearable electronics project consists of a mobile application for the Android and IOS devices. The app includes react native mobile capabilities in relation with near field communication. The essence of the project is to redefine self-expression by fusing technology and cosmetics.


Spring 2022 projects


IoT Specs
Students: Alexander Baratti, Gianni Consiglio, Nathan Robinson, Rephael Jackson, Swati Sahu

IoT Specs is a desktop application that allows users to configure and manage sensors and effecters, known as the PICMG IoT Configurator.


LifeMapz eCommerce Store
Students: Dragan Bogoevski, Gaurav Deshpande, Isaac Beale, Lor Worwag, Nitish Tripathi

LifeMapz eCommerce Store is an eCommerce Store built on new and powerful tools, primarily based on AWS services.


LifeMapz Lifestyle BluePrint
Students: Dallas Zinn, Jigisha Deven Gadhia, Sandhya Tadi, Palak Toshniwal, Venkata Naga Sonia Kalidindi

This team has been tasked with creating a web application which will allow users to customize a Lifestyle BluePrint — a poster-sized goal sheet designed to guide a user in their lifestyle and help them achieve their goals. Users will be able to customize their BluePrint by choosing from design elements such as color, text, pictures and motivational quotes in order to create a unique way to stay motivated while tracking and accomplishing their goals.


Students: Rashi Srivastava, Onkar Gagare, Akhila Sai Mandava, Sai Kumar Chunchu, Ritesh Reddy

Y2RISK is a cloud-based financial application for portfolio risk analysis for individuals and firms. It uses third party APIs for data collection and writes algorithms for analysis.


LifeMapz Relationship eJournal
Students: Arjun Borkhatariya, Sulabh Soneji, Samarth Patel, Vidhya Sathyalaya Ramakrishnan, Aishwarya Prabha Ramakrishnan

This eJournal allows both partners to write down feelings about their relationship, observations about their partners and ideas on how they can make their relationship stronger.


Neighborhood Sustainability Project
Students: Amar Yadav, Sanjana Mukundan, Rakeen Huq, Suraj Suryawanshi, Kai Chen

The goal of this project is to develop a prototype in the form of a web application designed using data to provide sustainability score of various regions. This process involves the curation of complex data about a city, urban settlement or a region from the relevant subdomains of economics, ecology, politics and culture.


Instructional Module Development System (IMODS)
Students: Kanti Nizampatnam, Saloni Chudgar, Aum Bhanderi, Rohit Sinha

This project aims to conduct research to develop a framework for an outcome-based course design process and translate it into a semantic web-based software tool.



Carbon Emissions Algorithm
Students: Yamini Kurra, Nevedita Kailsam, Wuyi Wang, Shih-Yu Chang, Nabeel Khan

Aclymate is an integrated, automated software platform that provides free carbon accounting and carbon footprint analytics for SMBs. Aclymate offers a wide range of high-quality carbon offset projects so businesses can achieve their carbon neutrality goals.



Web Application for Part Number eConfigurator
Students: Ravikanth Dodda, Narmada Ravali Namburi, Praveen Kumar Panku, Somesh Siddabasappa, Suyog Halikar, Nikhil Hiremath

A web application for Valin customers to configure parts to get pricing. Valin customer service agents can see costs and discounts along with the price. The admin can upload excel files to parse them and save the parsed data to the server.


Dorm Room Movers

Web Application to Track Referrals
Students: Kartik Mathpal, Mariya Varghese, Prem Preeti Patnala, Priyanka Zar, Rahul Jain

This is a web application platform for on-campus marketing ambassadors to promote and track referrals for the DormRoomMovers service.This platform assists in sales tracking and guides student ambassadors to perform marketing tasks.


tidbit communications

Network Traffic Analysis Tool
Students: Luis Espinoza, Zachary Irvin, Jaclyn Stosz, Matthew Sullivan, Brent Watkins

This application performs network traffic analysis functions and displays the results in a user interface. This tool provides real time analysis of network upload and download information.


Psyche mission

WebXR for Public Engagement
Students: Shashvat Patel, Josue Hernandez, Michael Foster, Rick Nguyen

A web-browser-enabled virtual reality application that showcases the Psyche NASA Mission. The app showcases the Psyche asteroid model, spacecraft, orbit views of the mission and FAQs.


BBK Network

A Platform for Kids to Create and Collaborate
Students: Alexander Biankin, Brendan Brunelle, Michail Maltsev, Andrew Pappas, DeAndre Sellers

This is a web application platform for hosting kids competitions. The goal of this platform is to promote creativity and collaboration among kids. The BBK team can directly monitor and manage content to ensure a positive and kid-friendly environment.


Innovation Showcase

Advanced Data Scraping Platform
Students: Joseph Altnether, Sawyer Breitenbucher, Catherine Button, Steven Camarena, Ernestina Valdez

An application that performs data scraping in popular sort reporting websites like ESPN and other related sites. The tool displays the information on a website to authorized personnel and also gives them the option to export that data to a .CSV file. This application allows our sponsor to perform manual tasks faster and contact their potential clients quicker than their competitors.


Perpetual Sourcing Group IT Solutions

Perpetual Sourcing Resume Parser
Students: Matthew Boyd, Braulio Espinoza, Joseph Hale, Jacob Janes, Gary Nansel

To help recruiters review and search resumes more easily, Perpetual Sourcing Group has commissioned a resume parsing microservice that can run within the lightweight AWS Lambda cloud environment. Our final parser supports parsing a candidate’s name, email, phone number, location and level of education from PDFs, .doc(x), and .txt resumes. Furthermore, this technology will enable recruiting offices to switch software providers by simply uploading their store of resumes.


Rogue Media

Dev App Targeted Social Media
Students: Rithvik Arun, Hayden Hansen, Christina Hashimoto, James Arsenault, Ryan Granado

A social media application that is focused on connecting people through sports. The mobile application is a central hub where users can retrieve the latest sports information, connect with other sports fans and solely focus on sports.


cassinian software

Parallel Implementation of Error Diffusion Halftone
Students: Ethan Miller, Ethan Carlson, Cordel Lebans, Kace Curtis, Jacob Hreshchyshyn

This group developed a test bench application and an error diffusion algorithm suitable for execution across a large number of processing cores.


cassinian software

WebXR for Public Engagement
Students: Kaylor Davis, Victoria Bui, Mary Le, Jesse Ramirez

The focus of this project is to create an immersive and engaging WebXR experience to help educate the general public on the upcoming NASA Psyche asteroid mission, which is expected to launch in 2022. This project is meant to create a quick experience that can be easily accessed with mobile devices by scanning a QR code. It is intended for public use and meant to provide a user-friendly experience to quickly inform those of varying ages about certain aspects of the Psyche asteroid mission.


cassinian software

Hall Thruster Diagnostics Visualization
Students: Ryan Chacon, Andrew Nelson, Adrian Tesoro, Seth Urish

Develop an engaging and interactive visualization designed to teach new users about the diagnostic tests performed on the hall thrusters, the primary thrusters used on the NASA Psyche Probe. The application may be placed on a website for a general audience or may be utilized by a speaker on the topic to aid their discussion.