Information technology

Students in the information technology program design and create network architectures, configure and administer complex computer and database systems, create and manage effective websites and design and process interactive media solutions.

Spring 2023 projects

Innovation Showcase

Students: Igor Orlov
Team: Igor Adventure Game

Igor Adventure is a 2D single player game that creates an ever-changing gameplay experience by procedurally generating a new world and events dynamically.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Amar Singh
Team: Pig Vacation

Pig Vacation is a playful game that is free from any violence, profanity or hard thinking. The player can go on vacation on the beach without ever leaving their home.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Graeme Ulta
Team: Valibrary

Valibrary is a library for Valorant fans who want to learn and preview artifacts when outside of the Valorant game.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Eric Sung, Benjamin Tong
Team: SMITE Zone 

SMITE Zone is a web-base game that helps SMITE players to learn about the lore and literary canon of the mythological figures.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Hooman Abedmoghadam, Prava Karki, Prerana Karki, Sabana Karki
Team: HPPS Recycler 

HPPS Recycler company wants to help make it easier for people to recycle. HPPS will pay customers for their plastics and send a driver for pick-up.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Abdulla Alhebsi, Ibrahim Alsaif
Team: Italian Brothers Restaurant

The Italian Brothers Restaurant website will recommend a meal based on the customer preference. For example, some customers want to know if a meal is safe based on their food allergies.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Rahul Athreya, Joshua Haynes
Team: Milo Advanced Music

Milo generate MIDI files and efficiently process, trim and store data in various audio formats.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Caleb Diaz, Kiet Doan, Kristian Port
Team: Cyber-Interactive

Cyber-Interactive uses game-based learning to make compliance cybersecurity training more engaging and fun.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Albert Frederick, Brenden Loftin, Derrich Sosa, Andrei Tonthat
Team: BOON

BOON is where service providers can advertise their services and availability, so customers can make an appointment online.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Austin Huffman, Sargon Malik
Team: Ocurix

Ocurix makes it easy for you to find or advertise local events.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Alexander Gonzalez, Malik Hlayhel, Jake Kobert, Austin Robles
Team: TravelDojo

TravelDojo is where travelers can find events related to their preferences.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Hosam Hassan, Rose Hercel, Rahul Kashyap, Hannah Nilsson
Team: H2R2

H2R2 is a company that specializes in providing water quality reports through the utilization of data science and machine learning techniques.


Fall 2022 projects

Innovation Showcase

Students: Rashed Alhazzani, Brandon Dunham, Ursula Vaughn
Team: Cryptomania

CryptoMania provides educational resources for beginners who want to learn how to buy cryptocurrency.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Ashton Bowman, Seth Nickoles, Alvin Say
Team: Leagueology

Leagueology is an Android application that provides a comprehensive guide for League of Legends champions and items.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Noah Bauer, Jordan Rodriquez, Anthony Sonntag
Team: LearnIT Group

LearnIT is an educational game that teaches networking to high school students.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Joshua Burks, Blake Cain, Jared Stein
Team: AZ Recycle Now

AZ Recycle Now provides a quick way to find recycling and safe disposal rules in cities in the Phoenix metropolitan area.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Benjamin Barraza, Elliot Beckman, Jacob Dahl
Team: JEB

Arizona Crime Data, or AZCD, displays crime statistics by type of crime within different zip codes of Arizona.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Christian Coleman, Jeremiah Coleman
Team: Pass to Win
Sponsor: Arizona Center for African American Resources (AZCAAR)

This team created a new website for users to register for AZCAAR programs.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Patrick Cooper, Luis Enriquez, Chase McGee
Team: Iron Dome

Iron Dome protects users by isolating different technologies to mitigate risk.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Christian Blanco, Socks Jiemback, Jonathan Wang
Team: Lockdown LLC

Lockdown Security is a physical access control system that leverages your smartphone to provide a secure and convenient authentication system.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Lauren Howe, Paul Manly, Wesley Yeary
Team: CNAT

CNAT is an fun and exciting adventure game that helps students to prepare for the Cisco Certified Network Associate, or CCNA, certification.


Innovation Showcase

Students: John Lewis Elden Nkunzimana
Team: K9 Solutions

K9 Solutions recommends which dog breed is right for you based on your personality.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Abdirizak Jama, Esequiel Jauregui, Daimond Mejia
Team: Essential Life

Essential Life provides the information that you need in the morning all in one place: news updates, weather forecast and traffic activity.


Spring 2022 projects

Innovation Showcase

Students: Fahad Alazeezi, Melanie Bernabe Avila, Noah Jaskolski, Siow Perng Lim, Christine Rees

Team: Game Gladiators

Game Gladiators is an educational game that teaches Linux.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Filsan Awale, Nicolas (Nick) Lamphere, Julian Postell, Kamakshi (Vanitha) Rajan, Cruz Valenzuela

Team: Online Judge Visualization

Online Judge Visualization is an educational game that teaches Python.


Security Robot

Students: Andrei Badiu, Bryan Kraft, Israel Delgado, Rushil Patel

Team: Security Robot

Security Robot covers blind spots that regular surveillance cameras may miss. It uses motion detection to detect abnormalities in its environment.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Maxence Chaffanjon, Justin Gao, Bryan Lee, Marcus Reed, Royce Thomson

Team: Mastery Coding Discord Bot

The Mastery Coding Discord Bot is used to keep students safe by moderating communication while participating in their e-sport education.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Gregory Bernbrock, Jennifer Luna, Zachary Race

Team: First-Person View Rover

First-person View Rover broadcasts and records video and audio to user interface in order to secure survelliance blind spots in office buildings.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Kyle Feller, Kyle Grabauskas, Sahil Gupta, Joseph Kefalinos

Team: Reality Cloud Storage

Reality Cloud Storage allows a small business owner to easily store and retrieve files anywhere at any time.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Ethan Glazer, Jeffrey Hannah, Win Win

Team: Family Virtual Safe

Family Virtual Safe is an easy-to-use application to help families keep their important documents safe.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Cody Langford, Trevor Oakes

Team: ZipCrime

The ZipCrime application displays crime statistics by time frame and type of crime on a map by zip code.


Students: Seth Larson, Chigozirim Okafor, Sarah Shokoor

Team: Incognito

The Incognito application matches users to a communication forum based on common interests.