Information technology

Students in the information technology program design and create network architectures, configure and administer complex computer and database systems, create and manage effective websites and design and process interactive media solutions.

Innovation Showcase

Students: Fahad Alazeezi, Melanie Bernabe Avila, Noah Jaskolski, Siow Perng Lim, Christine Rees

Team: Game Gladiators

Game Gladiators is an educational game that teaches Linux.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Filsan Awale, Nicolas (Nick) Lamphere, Julian Postell, Kamakshi (Vanitha) Rajan, Cruz Valenzuela

Team: Online Judge Visualization

Online Judge Visualization is an educational game that teaches Python.


Security Robot

Students: Andrei Badiu, Bryan Kraft, Israel Delgado, Rushil Patel

Team: Security Robot

Security Robot covers blind spots that regular surveillance cameras may miss. It uses motion detection to detect abnormalities in its environment.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Maxence Chaffanjon, Justin Gao, Bryan Lee, Marcus Reed, Royce Thomson

Team: Mastery Coding Discord Bot

The Mastery Coding Discord Bot is used to keep students safe by moderating communication while participating in their e-sport education.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Gregory Bernbrock, Jennifer Luna, Zachary Race

Team: First-Person View Rover

First-person View Rover broadcasts and records video and audio to user interface in order to secure survelliance blind spots in office buildings.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Kyle Feller, Kyle Grabauskas, Sahil Gupta, Joseph Kefalinos

Team: Reality Cloud Storage

Reality Cloud Storage allows a small business owner to easily store and retrieve files anywhere at any time.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Ethan Glazer, Jeffrey Hannah, Win Win

Team: Family Virtual Safe

Family Virtual Safe is an easy-to-use application to help families keep their important documents safe.


Innovation Showcase

Students: Cody Langford, Trevor Oakes

Team: ZipCrime

The ZipCrime application displays crime statistics by time frame and type of crime on a map by zip code.


Students: Seth Larson, Chigozirim Okafor, Sarah Shokoor

Team: Incognito

The Incognito application matches users to a communication forum based on common interests.