EGR 201 (engineering education) at Innovation Showcase

The Engineering Education Systems and Design program aims to increase the understanding and design of engineering education ecosystems.

Innovation Showcase eesd

Students: Adam Weiss, Ian Bassett, Jaden DijiVaughan, William Eddy, Damien Golden, James Kaminsky
Team: The Diesel Dilemma

The Diesel Dilemma presents an aerodynamic design solution to increase the fuel economy of diesel semi-trucks using an airfoil to lift up the semi-truck to “remove” weight thus making it lighter and more efficient.

Innovation Showcase eesd

Students: Miguel Chacon, Kevin Tyrell, Gbaino Meraz, Matthew Olpin

SMARTGROW introduces a design solution to support urban and suburban gardeners to automatically and effectively water plants and crops in their homes to improve sustainability, reduce water usage and elevate overall health.

Innovation Showcase eesd

Students: Richard Kovalcik, Zachary Felty, Atcha Niyomsumrat, Michael Palacz, Owen La Salata
Team: Team UV

Team UV developed a design solution to be a convenient and portable way to sterilize masks to circumvent the mask shortage.