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Engineering  |  The Polytechnic School

M.S. in Human Systems Engineering Research Labs

Research Labs

Discover the eight vibrant human systems engineering laboratories located within the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering’s Polytechnic School. Here we conduct research on how people interact with technology and with each other, and work to improve these processes with innovations in human-centered system design and training.

Applied Attention Research (AAR) Lab

Research Interests: Attention and Human Factors in Cyberspace Defense, Attention in Multitasking (healthcare, driving, cybersecurity, and industrial operations), Human-Automation Interaction and Human-Machine Teaming (including developing interactive machine learning)

Director: Robert Gutzwiller, Assistant Professor /

The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

Automation Design Advancing People and Technology (ADAPT) Laboratory

Research Interests: human-computer interaction, trust in automation, human-agent cooperation in complex systems, resilience engineering, health systems engineering, interruptions, medical devices

Director: Erin K. Chiou Assistant Professor /

User Experience Laboratory (X Lab)
Research Interests: user experience, product design, healthcare human factors, aviation and consumer psychology

Director: Russell J. Branaghan Associate Professor /

Cognitive-Based Applied Learning Technology (CoBALT) Laboratory
Research Interests: learning sciences, virtual humans, roles of discourse and emotions in learning and training with technology

Director: Scotty Craig Associate Professor /

Sustainable Learning and Adaptive Technology for Education Laboratory
Research Interests: self-regulated and self-directed learning in authentic settings, deep learning experiences, adaptive educational technologies, learning with real-world impact

Director: Rod Roscoe Associate Professor /

Perception and Action Laboratory (PAL)
Research Interests: perception and cognition in driving, flying and sports, multisensory interface development, sports training, simulator development, intelligent transportation systems

Director: Rob Gray Associate Professor and Program Chair /

Applied Psychonomics and Ecological Simulations (APES) Laboratory
Research Interests: social cognition, evolutionary psychology, emotions as modulators of cognition and behavior, agent based models of complex social systems

Director: Vaughn Becker Associate Professor /

Cognitive Engineering Research on Team Tasks (CERTT) Laboratory
Research Interests: team cognition, human-autonomy teaming, team science, remotely piloted
aircraft systems

Director: Nancy J. Cooke Professor /