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Bing Wu

Wu_Bing_1101bAssistant Professor
Human Systems Engineering



Bing Wu received an M.S. degree in Neurobiology in 1997 from Shanghai Institute of Physiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and an M.S. degree in Computer Science in 2002 in addition to his Ph.D. degree in Experimental Psychology in 2004 from the University of Louisville.  He worked as a postdoctoral researcher in Robotics Institute and Department of Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University from 2004 to 2008, as a Visiting Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh from 2008 to 2009, and as a Research Psychologist in the Department of Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University from 2009 to 2011. He joined Arizona State University as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Technological Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management in fall 2011. His research studies multimodal human-machine interactions in the applied context of medical and industrial settings.

Research Interests

Dr. Wu’s research interests lie in the interdisciplinary area of Psychology and Engineering. The psychophysical part of his research looks into the mechanisms underlying spatial perception, object recognition, and the control of action by vision and touch. On the applied side, he has specific interests in applying the research results to developing visualization techniques such as for image-guided surgeries, surgical trainers, and new surgical tools.  His current research activities include:

Haptic/visual perception of soft tissue;
Development of visualization and haptic rendering techniques;
Multimodal interactions in real and virtual environments;
Virtual and augmented reality in medical applications.