Undergraduate Programs Overview

Undergraduate Programs Overview | The Polytechnic School

The Polytechnic School is making a new higher education experience, one that focuses on learning through making things and solving real-world challenges through collaboration. At the Polytechnic School, we believe how you learn and teach is as important as what you learn and teach. We are committed and contributing to ASU’s vision of the New American University – an institution that is committed to excellence, access, and impact. The Polytechnic School is located in Mesa, which is the state’s third-largest city and part of the Greater Phoenix area. The 600-acre ASU Polytechnic campus is built in a beautiful desert arboretum and is home to more than 3,300 students studying in undergraduate and graduate majors. The Polytechnic School is home to some of the most innovative engineering and technology programs in the country and some of the most advanced learning laboratories available to students on any university campus.Learn more about the Polytechnic campus. The programs thrive under the guidance of more than 100 outstanding faculty members with deep expertise in many of the most important technological challenges that society faces. Many members of the faculty bring considerable industrial experience to bear on their teaching and research.